Hip Prosthesis
This series of products are artificial joints designed in accordance with the Chinese skeleton and adopt internationally-recognized biocompatible materials.
Spinal Internal Fixation System
This series of products has an accumulated design history of more than 10 years with mature surgical philosophy, long-term clinical experience and excellent biomechanical performance.
Interlocking Nail
Specifically designed to stabilize various complex fractures of upper and lower limbs, and is manufactured with high strength stainless steel and titanium alloy.
Connection Plate
Based on advanced international design concepts combining traditional bone fracture plates and internal screw fixation, this series of products provides optimal clinical effect on fracture treatment.
Memory Alloy Fixation
Designed to be suitable for the Chinese body type based on data collected. This series of products utilizes a variety of structural combinations, equipped with precisely designed surgical instruments, to rebuild the knee joint. Can be used for initial replacement and renovation.
Broad and diverse product line suitable for orthopedic and trauma patients developed based on years of clinical data.